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Your Logo Matters.

South Africa's premier supplier of commercial entrance matting solutions.

What mat do you need?


A logo mat is a great way of marketing your brand and keeping your floors clean!


A necessity for every place of business. Professionalism and cleanliness guaranteed. 


Multi-purpose rubber mats to serve your purposes!

Choosing a branded Entrance Mat

Not sure what type of mat you need for your business? That's not a train smash, just follow these tips:

Entrance of an Indian Restaurant


A very important distinction. Decide whether the logo mat is for outdoor or indoor purposes. This allows us to provide you with the most practical and applicable custom mat for your entrance matting requirements.

Hotel Entrance


By providing us with an estimate of the foot traffic your premises receives, this allows us to recommend the perfect branded entrance mat for your organization. A heavier personalized mat is perfect for high footfall situations, and a lighter, more elegant branded mat for less footfall.

Measurement Services


Now, this is another crucial step. By providing us with measurements of your entrances, we can provide just the right personalized doormat for your company, tailored to the centimeter for your satisfaction. 

A trusted, mordern company providing innovative solutions. We know entrance mats, and how to brand them.

Simply Incredible Mats is a bold organization with an aim to transform the entrance matting space in South Africa. We provide a wide array of products that includes plain entrance mats, custom entrance mats, branded entrance mats, and personalized welcome mats. We also offer high quality dirt scrapper rubber mats at exceptional prices. Whether for your restaurant, corporate office, hotel, bar, school, dealership, workshop, we have the perfect doormat for your business. Having worked with some of the biggest and most recognized brands in South Africa, Simply Incredible Mats boasts a team of experts that work tirelessly to satisfy your entrance matting needs. 

Delivery Guy


Gone through our informative matting guide and are ready to go? Great, let's do it!

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