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Plain Entrance Mats

We stock a wide range of commercial entrance mats. From robust dirt trappers to excellent grime busters that help maintain cleanliness and professionalism in commercial spaces. Our variety allows us to cater for several requirements including price, function and style. See options below:


Grime Control

Robust and classy dirt trapper with excellent design and function. 


Versa Mat

Economic dirt trapper that is functional and affordable.

Plain entrance mats are a great way to welcome visitors into a commercial workspace. They enhance company reputation, improve cleanliness, prevent slips and falls and preserve expensive flooring.


Super Deco

Durable commercial solution trusted for decades.

Durabrite Mat

Low profile mat with high dirt scraping capability.

Mats are tailored for specific purposes, be it dirt scraping and retention, water retention or style.

Iron Horse_edited.jpg

Iron Horse Mat

Internationally trusted commercial workhorse.


Terra Tread Mat

Dirt and water retention guaranteed.

Keep dirt at the door with these plain and functional entrance mats.



Robust and resilient vinyl loop matting.

Not sure what product to get? Contact our matting team today!

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