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Marshall Scribe Logo Mat

Colours Available:

A trusted commercial workhorse.

Marshall SCRIBE is a molded mat with a herringbone pattern polypropylene surface, backed with nitrile rubber. The border ensures an all-in-one durable construction. To this a basic name and/or logo can be added using single colour cut-outs. The scribe portion of the mat is made from tufted nylon and the base colour is available in a choice of nine dirt hiding commercially compatible colours. Standard pricing allows for 1 base colour and 2 logo colours. Additional logo colours are optional. This mat will enhance any entrance or shop whilst functioning as a floor protector.

Why choose Marshall Scribe?

  • Durable polypropylene surface.

  •  Slip resistant rubber backing.

  •  PVC-free.

  •  Easy maintenance.

  • 2 years manufacturers guarantee.

  • Made in South Africa.

  •  Base: Blue, brown, charcoal, cherry, chocolate, green, grey, midnight blue and turkey.

  •  Scribe: Choice of 16 Jet-Print colours available.

Standard Sizes:

  • 0.75m x 0.90m 

  • 0.90m x 1.50m

  • 1.00m x 1.70m

  • 1.20m x 1.50m

  •  1.50m x 1.80m

  • 0.90m x 3.00m

  • 0.90m x 4.00m

  • 1.20m x 4.00m

  • 1.50m x 3.65m


No minimum order quantity

Technical Information: 

  • Indoor and outdoor (covered) placement.

  •  Busy entrances such as offices, schools, restaurants, retail shops, hotels, colleges or any public amenities.





  • Polypropylene and tufted nylon.

  • 100% nitrile rubber backing.

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