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Kleen Scrape Rubber Entrance Mat

Hard wearing, 100% rubber, multi-purpose mat.

In addition to outdoor uses, the Kleen-Scrape performs outstandingly well in wet areas, changing rooms, kitchens, in front of beverage machines or in production areas. With its variety of features such as grease, oil and solvent resistance, heat and cold resistance and an extreme robustness, you won't want to be without the Kleen-Scrape. This 100% rubber mat lies perfectly flat thanks to its weight and flexibility. Available in two different surface patterns depending on size.

Why choose Kleen Scrape?

  • 100% nitrile rubber mat for many applications

  • Use indoors, outdoors or anywhere

  • Ribbed surface or chequerboard surface (115 x 175 cm)

  • Slip-resistant backing

  • Oil and chemical resistant

  • 2 year Manufacturers Guarantee

Technical Information: 

  • Indoor or outdoor placement

  • Multi-purpose




  • 100 % nitrile rubber


Design Type : Ribbed


No minimum order quantity.


0.75mx0.45m                0.75mx0.90m 
0.9mx1.5m                    1.0mx1.7m
1.2mx1.5m                    1.5mx1.8m
0.9mx3.0m                    0.9mx4.0m
1.2mx4.0m                    1.5mx3.65m

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