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Berber Point Branded Entrance Mat

The world renowned Berberpoint has always been
sought after for it's durability and perfomance.


South Africa's go-to entrance mat. The Berber Point logo mat is the most widely available branded entrance mat in the country. Popular for both interior, walkways and reception areas providing a total dirt-barrier solution.

Why choose Berberpoint?

The Miracle Fibre (polypropylene) and Eco Fibre Blend with a textured and stainproof surface provide exceptional scraper action from this custom mat. This entrance mat features a non-slip gripper back that ensures safe footing, making it a popular choice for both interior walkways and reception areas, offering complete dirt-barrier protection. It's also frequently used in recessed matwells at entrance areas. You have the option to choose from a range of colors to suit your preferences, and edging is available upon request. This entrance mat is suitable for both glue-down and lay to surface applications and has a product height of 6-9mm.

Technical Information: 




  • Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Gyms, Corporate Offices etc. Can also be used as a promotional mat for events such as awards evenings and galas.

  • Heavy Commercial Structured Needle Punch

  • Stainproof Miracle Fibre & Stainproof Eco Fibre Blend

  • Custom sizing availabe down to the centimetre. 



Step 1: You send us the design of your choice. It can be a logo, your company name, your tagline, your company motto, or social media information.

Step 2: A design template is created based on the artwork you send us. This is placed on a base mat and with a precision cutting machine, we manually cut elements of the design such as shapes, alphabets etc. out of the base mat.

Step 3: Various elements are then cut out from different colored mats of the same material based on the design.

Step 4: These cut elements are inlaid back into the base mat in the relevant places.

Step 5: This is the final step when all parts—elements as well as the base mat—are bonded together to a reinforced rubber backing. The branded entrance mat is now ready to be dispatched!

Almost all custom logo mats use solution-dyed polypropylene material. You cannot print on this material, making it perfect for use in inlaid logo mats. The inlay process can also be carried out using other materials such as coir. What’s important is that the logo mats have a sturdy backing.


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